Expression Of Type-specific Mhc Isoforms In Rat Intrafusal Muscle-fibers


Expression Of Type-specific Mhc Isoforms In Rat Intrafusal Muscle-fibers


Kucera J; Walro J M; Gorza L


Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry




Myosin heavy chain (MHC) expression by intrafusal fibers was studied by immunocytochemistry to determine how closely it parallels MHC expression by extrafusal fibers in the soleus and tibialis anterior muscles of the rat. Among the MHC isoforms expressed in extrafusal fibers, only the slow-twitch MHC of Type 1 extrafusal fibers was expressed along much of the fibers. Monoclonal antibodies (MAb) specific for this MHC bound to the entire length of bag2 fibers and the extracapsular region of bag1 fibers. The fast-twitch MHC isoform strongly expressed by bag2 and chain fibers had an epitope not recognized by MAb to the MHC isoforms characteristic of developing muscle fibers or the three subtypes (2A, 2B, 2X) of Type 2 extrafusal fibers. Therefore, intrafusal fibers may express a fast-twitch MHC that is not expressed by extrafusal fibers. Unlike extrafusal fibers, all three intrafusal fiber types bound MAb generated against mammalian heart and chicken limb muscles. The similarity of the fast-twitch MHC of bag2 and chain fibers and the slow-tonic MHC of bag1 and bag2 fibers to the MHC isoforms expressed in avian extrafusal fibers suggests that phylogenetically primitive MHCs might persist in intrafusal fibers. Data are discussed relative to the origin and regional regulation of MHC isoforms in intrafusal and extrafusal fibers of rat hindlimb muscles.


cat; Cell Biology; differentiation; fiber types; histochemistry; identification; immunocytochemistry; innervation; intrafusal; monoclonal antimyosin antibodies; monoclonal-antibody; motor; muscle fiber typing; muscle spindles; myosin heavy-chain; rat skeletal muscle; skeletal-muscle; spindles


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