One Multiplex Control For 29 Cystic Fibrosis Mutations


One Multiplex Control For 29 Cystic Fibrosis Mutations


Lebo R V; Bixler M; Galehouse D


Genetic Testing




A simple approach is described to synthesize and clone an inexhaustible supply of any homozygous and/ or heterozygous controls diluted with yeast genomic DNA to mimic human genome equivalents for use throughout the entire multiplex mutation assay. As a proof of principle, the 25 cystic fibrosis mutation panel selected by the American College of Medical Genetics and four additional mutant sequences were prepared as a single control mixture. The 29 CFTR mutations were incorporated into 17 gene fragments by PCR amplification of targeted sequences using mutagenic primers on normal human genomic DNA template. Flanking primers selected to bind beyond all published PCR primer sites amplified controls for most assay platforms. The 17 synthesized 433-933-bp CFTR fragments each with one to four homozygous mutant sequences were cloned into nine plasmid vectors at the multiple cloning site and bidirectionally sequenced. Miniplasmid preps from these nine clones were mixed and diluted with genomic yeast DNA to mimic the final nucleotide molar ratio of two CFTR genes in 6 x 10(9) bp total human genomic DNA. This mixture was added to control PCR reactions prior to amplification as the only positive control sample. In this fashion <200 multiplex clinical PCR analyses of > 4,000 clinical patient samples have been controlled simultaneously for PCR amplification and substrate specificity for 29 tested mutations without cross contamination. This clinically validated multiplex cystic fibrosis control can be modified readily for different test formats and provides a robust means to control for all mutations instead of rotating human genomic controls each with a fraction of the mutations. This approach allows scores of additional mutation controls from any gene loci to be added to the same mixture annually.


gene; Genetics & Heredity; Research & Experimental Medicine


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