Career counseling, 2nd ed


Career counseling, 2nd ed


Savickas Mark L




This book describes methods of career construction counseling based on the conceptual model of life designing. It defines counseling and how career counseling has evolved over the last century. The counseling profession has evolved three distinct conceptual models to direct how they conduct career counseling: guiding, developing, and constructing. The book is organized into nine chapters. Chapter one presents a brief overview of the book. Chapter two examines the core concepts of self, identity, meaning, mastery, and mattering. Chapter three explains how practitioners use narrative psychology to help clients revise their career stories to increase comprehension, coherence, and continuity. Chapter four describes the framework and elements of the Career Construction Interview during which practitioners ask story-crafting questions, which scaffold career construction. Chapter five presents the assessment goals that concentrate on extracting client preoccupations and problems from the early recollections that sustain them. Chapter six describes how to identify client solutions to the problems they pose in their early recollections. Chapter seven discusses how to use career themes or central tensions to extend clients' occupational plots by identifying fitting settings, possible scripts, and future scenarios. The final two chapters concentrate on using the assessment results in career construction counseling. The penultimate chapter describes how career counseling practitioners compose an identity narrative that reconstructs clients' small stories into a large story that encourages reflexivity to clarify choices. The final chapter explains the importance of turning intention to action in the real world, first through exploration and trial, then through deciding and doing. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)


Goals; Interviews; Narratives; Models; Intention; Intention; Models; Life designing; career construction counseling; identity narrative; Occupational Aspirations; Occupational Guidance; reflexivity; Self-Concept; career themes; Early Memories; early recollections; assessment goals; narrative psychology; Career Construction Interview; career counseling practitioners




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