Spitz nevi in african americans: A retrospective chart review of 11 patients.


Spitz nevi in african americans: A retrospective chart review of 11 patients.


Farid YI;Honda KS


Journal of Cutaneous Pathology




BACKGROUND: Spitz nevi are benign melanocytic neoplasms that typically present as rapidly growing solitary lesions on the head, neck, or lower extremities. Very rare reports have been described in African Americans. METHODS: A single-institution 29-year retrospective review of African American patients diagnosed with Spitz nevi was thoroughly analyzed in order to characterize these rare clinical and histopathologic presentations. RESULTS: Eleven African Americans with spitzoid lesions were identified. Seven (64%) cases were in pediatric patients and nine (82%) were in females. Most lesions were hyperpigmented (73%) and elevated (82%). Six (55%) were compound Spitz nevi, three (27%) were dermal Spitz nevi, and two (18%) were junctional Spitz nevi. Two lesions had more than one atypical feature. Histopathologically, common features were symmetry, sharp circumscription, pagetoid spread (55%) with most being centrally, predominance of epithelioid cells (64%), Kamino bodies (45%), slight pigmentation (46%), maturation of dermal component with depth, and lack of subcutaneous fat involvement or ulceration. Excision was performed on all patients and there were no recurrences although follow-up was limited. CONCLUSION: Awareness of the possibility and various presentations of Spitz nevi in African Americans will help prevent misdiagnosis.


African Americans; nevi; nevus; Spitz; Spitzoid




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