Early physiological and cellular indicators of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity.


Early physiological and cellular indicators of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity.


Chen Y; Bielefeld EC; Mellott JG; Wang W; Mafi Amir M; Yamoah EN; Bao J


Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology : JARO




Cisplatin chemotherapy often causes permanent hearing loss, which leads to a multifaceted decrease in quality of life. Identification of early cisplatin-induced cochlear damage would greatly improve clinical diagnosis and provide potential drug targets to prevent cisplatin's ototoxicity. With improved functional and immunocytochemical assays, a recent seminal discovery revealed that synaptic loss between inner hair cells and spiral ganglion neurons is a major form of early cochlear damage induced by noise exposure or aging. This breakthrough discovery prompted the current study to determine early functional, cellular, and molecular changes for cisplatin-induced hearing loss, in part to determine if synapse injury is caused by cisplatin exposure. Cisplatin was delivered in one to three treatment cycles to both male and female mice. After the cisplatin treatment of three cycles, threshold shift was observed across frequencies tested like previous studies. After the treatment of two cycles, beside loss of outer hair cells and an increase in high-frequency hearing thresholds, a significant latency delay of auditory brainstem response wave 1 was observed, including at a frequency region where there were no changes in hearing thresholds. The wave 1 latency delay was detected as early cisplatin-induced ototoxicity after only one cycle of treatment, in which no significant threshold shift was found. In the same mice, mitochondrial loss in the base of the cochlea and declining mitochondrial morphometric health were observed. Thus, we have identified early spiral ganglion-associated functional and cellular changes after cisplatin treatment that precede significant threshold shift.


cisplatin; hair cells; ototoxicity; Schwann cell; spiral ganglion neuron


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