The effect of intermittent-release intraperitoneal chemotherapy on wound healing.


The effect of intermittent-release intraperitoneal chemotherapy on wound healing.


Hopkins M P; von Gruenigen V E; Holda S; Weber B


American journal of obstetrics and gynecology




OBJECTIVE: Our purpose was to study the effect on wound healing when intraperitoneal chemotherapy was instilled on a daily basis. STUDY DESIGN: Intraperitoneal carboplatin, Taxol, or saline solution was instilled daily into 70 rats after they underwent laparotomy. The animals were killed and analyzed for adhesions. An area measuring 5 x 5 cm including the incision was also harvested for biomechanical testing. The wound thickness was measured, and the Shore Western Materials Testing System (Monrovia, Calif.) was used to test the force required to break the wound, the stress, and the stiffness. RESULTS: Groups of 10 rats received saline solution control, carboplatin 6 mg/kg, 7 mg/kg, 8 mg/kg, or Taxol 2.5 mg/kg, 3.0 mg/kg, or 3.5 mg/kg. The total dose was divided into seven equal amounts, administered daily. No significant adhesions developed in any of the animals. The carboplatin group experienced no significant decrease in wound thickness whereas the higher-dose Taxol group had a significant decrease in thickness from 1.06 mm to 0.72 mm (p = 0.02). The wound-breaking strength (force) also decreased for the highest-dose Taxol group from 710 gm to 411 gm (p = 0.02). The wound stiffness was also decreased from 69 gm/mm to 46 gm/mm (p = 0.01). The other measured parameters for both the Taxol and carboplatin groups were not significantly decreased when compared with those of controls. CONCLUSION: The immediate instillation of divided daily carboplatin did not influence wound strength whereas the use of Taxol on a similar schedule significantly decreased wound strength.


Animals; Antineoplastic Agents/administration & dosage/*pharmacology; Carboplatin/administration & dosage/*pharmacology; Infusions; Laparotomy; Male; Paclitaxel/administration & dosage/*pharmacology; Parenteral; Rats; Sprague-Dawley; Tissue Adhesions/chemically induced; Wound Healing/*drug effects


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819–23; discussion 823–825






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