Synaptic Inhibition in Avian Interaural Level Difference Sound Localizing Neurons.


Synaptic Inhibition in Avian Interaural Level Difference Sound Localizing Neurons.


Curry Rebecca J; Lu Yong






Synaptic inhibition plays a fundamental role in the neural computation of the interaural level difference (ILD), an important cue for the localization of high-frequency sound. Here, we studied the inhibitory synaptic currents in the chicken posterior portion of the dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus (LLDp), the first binaural level difference encoder of the avian auditory pathway. Using whole-cell recordings in brain slices, we provide the first evidence confirming a monosynaptic inhibition driven by direct electrical and chemical stimulation of the contralateral LLDp, establishing the reciprocal inhibitory connection between the two LLDps, a long-standing assumption in the field. This inhibition was largely mediated by GABAA receptors; however, functional glycine receptors were also identified. The reversal potential for the Cl(-) channels measured with gramicidin-perforated patch recordings was hyperpolarizing (-88 mV), corresponding to a low intracellular Cl(-) concentration (5.2 mm). Pharmacological manipulations of KCC2 (outwardly Cl(-) transporter) activity demonstrate that LLDp neurons can maintain a low intracellular Cl(-) concentration under a high Cl(-) load, allowing for the maintenance of hyperpolarizing inhibition. We further demonstrate that hyperpolarizing inhibition was more effective at regulating cellular excitability than depolarizing inhibition in LLDp neurons.


Female; Male; Animals; Acoustic Stimulation/methods; Tissue Culture Techniques; Chick Embryo; Patch-Clamp Techniques; *dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus; *GABAA receptor; *interaural level difference; *reversal potential; *synaptic inhibition; Anions/metabolism; Avian Proteins/metabolism; Brain Stem/cytology/drug effects/*physiology; Chlorides/metabolism; Electric Stimulation; gamma-Aminobutyric Acid/metabolism; Intracellular Space/drug effects/metabolism; Neural Inhibition/drug effects/*physiology; Neurons/cytology/drug effects/*physiology; Sound Localization/drug effects/*physiology; Symporters/metabolism; Synaptic Transmission/drug effects/*physiology; Receptors; GABA-A/metabolism; Glycine/metabolism


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