Clinical skills assessment at NEOUCOM: A description


Clinical skills assessment at NEOUCOM: A description


Wilkinson L F; Pethtel L P




Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine's (NEOUCOM) response to an LCME mandate (1990) was to develop and administer a Comprehensive Clinical Competency Assessment (CCCA) to rising senior medical students. This paper presents facets of this assessment from its inception to implementation. These facets include background information, exam development and blueprints, a case development protocol and checklist, scoring which includes a migration from a norm referenced P/F designation to an Acceptable Level of Performance (ALP) and on to a conjunctive rather than compensatory format, feedback to students in the form of oral feedback from the physician raters, written feedback from both the physician rater and the standardized patients and a histogram denoting how well a student performed compared to his peers, and results of the assessment.



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