Initial experience with the advanced breast biopsy instrumentation system


Initial experience with the advanced breast biopsy instrumentation system


Matthews B D; Williams G B


American Journal of Surgery




BACKGROUND: Advanced breast biopsy instrumentation is a recently designed alternative to large-core stereotactic and open needle localized breast biopsies. This minimally invasive technique uses digital stereotactic imaging to perform excisional biopsies of suspicious, nonpalpable mammographic lesions. The role of the ABBI system in the management of breast cancer has not yet been defined. METHODS: A retrospective review to evaluate: the safety, accuracy, and cost effectiveness of the ABBI system as performed by a single surgeon on 107 patients from February 1, 1997 to January 31, 1998. We also discuss the use of the ABBI system as a therapeutic breast cancer technique. All patients had nonpalpable mammographic lesions. The mammographic abnormalities were either architectural distortion, microcalcifications, or stellate and nodular densities. RESULTS: Using the ABBI stereotactic unit, 110 breast biopsies were performed in 107 patients during a 12-month period. The mammographic abnormality was accurately localized and successfully biopsied in 99% (109 of 110) of the procedures as confirmed by specimen radiographs, stereotactic images, permanent pathologic sections, and 6-month follow-up mammograms. There were no intraoperative complications. Two patients developed postoperative wound hematomas and there was 1 postoperative wound infection. Six in situ cancers and 21 invasive cancers were diagnosed with the ABBI system., Two additional invasive cancers were diagnosed in patients with ductal carcinoma in situ at reexcision. Four patients with invasive ductal carcinoma and 1 patient with ductal carcinoma in situ had negative margins on their stereotactic biopsies and did not undergo reexcision by lumpectomy or mastectomy. Each of the 4 patients with Invasive ductal carcinoma underwent axillary Mode dissections with postoperative radiation therapy and chemotherapy or tamoxifen. During the study period, the average hospital patient charge for a stereotactic breast biopsy was $2,377.75, and for an open excisional needle localized biopsy it was $3,028.00 (P <0.05), The stereotactic breast biopsy offered a total cost savings of $71,527.50 in our series of patients. CONCLUSION: Advanced breast biopsy instrumentation is a safe, accurate, and cost-effective method far performing breast biopsies. In addition, the ABBI system may be able to excise small in situ or invasive breast cancers. (C) 1999 by Excerpta Medica, Inc.


cancer; Surgery; irradiation; lesions; mastectomy; lumpectomy; needle localization


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