Intrinsic properties of avian interaural level difference sound localizing neurons.


Intrinsic properties of avian interaural level difference sound localizing neurons.


Curry RJ; Lu Y


Brain Research




Intrinsic properties of neurons are one major determinant for how neurons respond to their synaptic inputs and shape their outputs in neural circuits. Here, we studied the intrinsic properties of neurons in the chicken posterior portion of the dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus (LLDp), the first interaural level difference (ILD) encoder of the avian auditory pathway. Using whole-cell recordings in brain slices, we revealed that the LLDp is composed of a heterogeneous neuron population based on their firing patterns. LLDp neurons were broadly classified as either phasic or tonic firing neurons, with further classification applied to tonic firing neurons, such as regular (most dominant, n = 82 out of 125 cells, 65.6%), pauser, or adaptive firing. Neurons with different firing patterns were distributed about evenly across the dorsoventral as well as mediolateral axis of LLDp. Phasic firing neurons were of faster membrane time constant, and lower excitability than tonic firing neurons. The action potentials (APs) elicited at the current thresholds displayed significant differences in first spike latency, AP peak amplitude, half-width, and maximal rising and falling rates. Interestingly, for APs elicited at suprathreshold currents (400 pA above thresholds), some of the differences diminished while a few others emerged. Remarkably, most parameters of the APs at thresholds were significantly different from those of APs at suprathresholds. Combined with our previous study (Curry and Lu, 2016), the results lend support to the two-cell type model for ILD coding in the avian system.


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Curry RJ; Lu Y, “Intrinsic properties of avian interaural level difference sound localizing neurons.,” NEOMED Bibliography Database, accessed August 19, 2022,

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