Endometrial rollerball ablation.


Endometrial rollerball ablation.


Alford W S; Hopkins M P


The Journal of reproductive medicine




OBJECTIVE: To study a standardized technique for endometrial rollerball ablation and various methods of preoperative preparation. STUDY DESIGN: All patients had refractory symptomatic menorrhagia and previously failed conservative surgery and other forms of medical therapy, such as progestogens. Patients received a preoperative regimen of either leuprolide acetate, danazol, Nolvadex or Depo-Provera. They then underwent hysteroscopically controlled rollerball ablation at 80-100 W with 1.5% glycine as the distending medium. The endometrium was evaluated hysteroscopically and considered to be completely atrophic, intermediate or no response. RESULTS: Refractory symptomatic menorrhagia was treated successfully in 38 of 40 patients. Nineteen reported amenorrhea; the other 21 reported subjective and objective improvement of bleeding. Three patients, despite improvements in flow, were unhappy with the overall result. Two did not wish repeat ablation and subsequently underwent vaginal hysterectomy. The third underwent repeat ablation and became amenorrheic. The ability to achieve complete endometrial atrophy prior to ablation was improved with leuprolide acetate (19/24) and danazol (5/6) when compared to tamoxifen (0/4) and Depo-Provera (0/6). Attainment of amenorrhea after ablation was significantly improved when complete atrophy (19/24) was achieved prior to ablation as compared to the ability to achieve amenorrhea when no endometrial response was achieved (0/7). The only significant complication was one uterine perforation in a patient undergoing repeat ablation. CONCLUSION: Endometrial rollerball ablation is a safe, effective means of controlling refractory menorrhagia. Amenorrhea is best attained when complete preoperative atrophy is achieved. Leuprolide and danazol were superior to tamoxifen and Depo-Provera.


Female; Humans; Retrospective Studies; Treatment Outcome; Antineoplastic Agents/pharmacology; Preoperative Care; Estrogen Antagonists/pharmacology; Tamoxifen/pharmacology; Atrophy; Danazol/pharmacology; Dilatation and Curettage/methods/standards; Electrocoagulation; Endometrium/drug effects/pathology/*surgery; Hysteroscopy/methods; Leuprolide/pharmacology; Medroxyprogesterone Acetate/pharmacology; Menorrhagia/*surgery


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