Clinical disease course during the last year in ovarian cancer


Clinical disease course during the last year in ovarian cancer


Von Gruenigen V E; Frasure H E; Reidy A M; Gil K M


Gynecologic Oncology




Objective(s). The objective was to determine whether there were changes in the pattern and nature of hospitalizations during the last year that could be used in the assessment of whether chemotherapy should be continued. Methods. Retrospective data were collected from patients who died from ovarian cancer between 1/2000 and 12/2001. Charts from four hospitals were reviewed to abstract chemotherapy, reason for hospitalization, and the incidence of three significant clinical events (bowel obstruction, pleural effusion requiring thoracentesis, and abdominal ascites requiring paracentesis). Data were analyzed in 3-month intervals. Results. Sixty-two patient charts were reviewed. Quarterly admissions increased linearly over the year (7, 18, 27, and 47, P < 0.0001). Hospitalizations for ascites, bowel obstruction, and pleural effusion began increasing around 6 months preceding death. Twenty-two patients did not receive chemotherapy during the last 3 months. Of the 40 patients receiving chemotherapy in the last 3 months, over half were not hospitalized during the period 4-6 months before death, and a further 20% were hospitalized for nonsignificant clinical events. Approximately one-quarter of the patients, however, continued to receive chemotherapy following hospitalization for a significant clinical event. Conclusion(s). There were significant changes in the pattern and nature of hospitalization during the last 6 months that included hospitalizations for bowel obstruction, pleural effusion, or ascites. The occurrence of these events suggests that further chemotherapy should be realistically evaluated with the patient, which may reduce the number of patients who receive chemotherapy during their last few months of life. (C) 2003 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


carcinoma; chemotherapy; cytoreductive surgery; disease course; end; end-of-life; gynecologic cancer; Obstetrics & Gynecology; obstruction; of-life care; Oncology; ovarian-cancer; palliate; prognostic-factors; survival


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