Modern, multi-media, advances in surgical information.


Modern, multi-media, advances in surgical information.


Ponsky Todd A; Rothenberg Steven S


Seminars in pediatric surgery




The need for education does not end with residency. Practicing surgeons must find ways to stay current. The boom in new technologic developments may significantly enhance our methods of teaching through the use of new mutli-media. Here we will explore some of the muti-media innovations that have or may have the greatest impact on surgical education. Live, interactive, and online forums have proven to be effective new methods of bringing people together to discuss and learn new concepts in medicine. These forums allow physicians to interact with key opinion leaders and flatten knowledge sharing, so that everyone may have a voice. The dynamic, fast paced, and interactive format allows for screen-based learning to be engaging and interactive. Information is now available online in multiple formats that are continuously updated, so that information is no longer outdated by the time it is published in a textbook. Multi-media is now being used to disseminate content through, archived video, live video, as well as audiocasts. All of these are creating more modern ways for physicians to stay up-to-date either at home, in the office, or when mobile. Lastly, new advanced, interactive, technology can allow experts to assist less-experienced surgeons as "virtual partners" through telementoring. With telementoring, an expert can be virtually present while another surgeon is performing a complex, new, operation, and the expert can help with voice suggestions and on-screen telestration. Pediatric surgical education has made a giant leap thanks to new developments in multi-media technology.


General Surgery/*education; Humans; Multi-media; Multimedia/*standards; Online education; Surgical education; Teleconferencing; Telementoring; Videoconferencing/*standards; Virtual education


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