Combined use of triple cartilage grafts in secondary rhinoplasty


Combined use of triple cartilage grafts in secondary rhinoplasty


Arslan E; Majka C; Beden V


Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery




Secondary rhinoplasty on a patient with a middle vault deformity is one of the most challenging procedures for a plastic surgeon. In order to achieve proper nasal aesthetics and airway function, a surgeon most commonly chooses to engraft the nose with a spreader, dorsal. onlay, or columellar graft. This paper examines the aforementioned techniques in the management of 25 patients who presented with a severe middle nasal vault deformity. Methods: During the last 5 years, 25 patients received secondary rhinoplasty using triple cartilage grafts to repair severe middle vault deformities. Patients were then questioned at least 3 months postoperatively about both airway problems and cosmetic satisfaction. Results: All the 25 patients indicated cosmetic satisfaction with 23 of the patients also achieving complete nasal airway function. Only two patients persisted to have an insufficient nasal airway. An endonasal examination revealed a slight nasal synechiae in one patient, while no anatomic problem was identified in the second patient. From a cosmetic standpoint, a straight dorsum with improved dorsal-facial balance were achieved. aesthetic lines and nasal. profile, along with nasal-facial balance were achieved. When indicated, secondary rhinoplasty to repair a middle vault deformity using the combination of spreader, dorsal onlay, and columellar grafts to augment the nose has shown to have both functional and cosmetic benefits. (C) 2006 British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. Published by Etsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


experience; Surgery; Surgery; combination; obstruction; dorsal; augmentation rhinoplasty; internal nasal valve; nose; secondary rhinoplasty; spreader-graft; tip; triple cartilage grafts


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