The fate of diced cartilage grafts of traumatized versus nontraumatized origin


The fate of diced cartilage grafts of traumatized versus nontraumatized origin


Arslan E; Majka C; Polat A


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery




Background: Diced cartilage grafts have long been used in rhinoplasty. Along with their various reported advantages, they also have some disadvantages. The irregular resorption rate of the engrafted mass is one of the major issues noted with diced cartilage grafts. An explanation for the unpredictable resorption rate has not yet been elucidated. This study aimed to determine the role of traumatized versus nontraumatized cartilage as the source of diced cartilage grafts. Methods: This study included the noses of 32 patients (19 traumatized noses and 13 nontraumatized noses) who underwent surgery using Surgicel-wrapped diced cartilage grafts. Results: The most remarkable result noted in this study was that a Surgicel-wrapped diced cartilage graft, if prepared from traumatized cartilage (in 19 patients), failed to maintain a stable long-term volume. Partial volume loss was noted in 100% of these patients. However, the rate of this partial resorption was different for every individual and could not be predicted. The highest retention of cartilage graft volume was seen primarily over the nasal osseocartilaginous junction. In nontraumatized patients, however, the engrafted mass maintained long-term volume stability. These patients evidenced no visible external irregularities, and only a few very slight imperfections were noted with finger palpation. Conclusion: Diced cartilage of traumatic origin is not recommended for any purpose. In such cases, the authors' engrafting algorithm consists of autobone or ear conchal cartilage grafts for dorsal augmentation, columellar struts from the nontraumatized part of the septum, and spreader grafts from the nontraumatized part of the septum or ear concha.


Surgery; compression; death; apoptosis; cartilage; articular-cartilage; chondrocyte apoptosis; augmentation rhinoplasty; secondary rhinoplasty; diced cartilage grafts; fascia; nontraumatized cartilage; regenerated cellulose; traumatized; viability


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