Depression in family medicine faculty


Depression in family medicine faculty


Costa A J; Schrop S L; McCord G; Ritter C


Family Medicine




(B) under bar(a) under bar(c) under bar(k) under bar(g) under bar(r) under bar(o) under bar(u) under bar(n) under bar(d) under bar (a) under bar(n) under bar(d) under bar (O) under bar(b) under bar(j) under bar(e) under bar(c) under bar(t) under bar(i) under bar(v) under bar(e) under bar(s) under bar: Depression among family medicine faculty may contribute to decreased effectiveness in patient care, decreased effectiveness in teaching, and career changes. The present study determined the nationwide prevalence of depression and related risk factors among family medicine residency program faculty. (M) under bar(e) under bar(t) under bar(h) under bar(o) under bar(d) under bar(s) under bar: All full-time US family medicine faculty, program directors, and behavioral scientists listed as members of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine in October 2000 were surveyed. The survey included demographics, clinical practice characteristics, the Beck Depression Inventory II, the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS), and a scale to measure stress within the residency program. (R) under bar(e) under bar(s) under bar(u) under bar(l) under bar(t) under bar(s) under bar: Surveys were completed by 1,418 faculty members. Seven percent of survey respondents scored mildly depressed, and 5% scored moderately to severely depressed. Seven percent Of respondents scored highly stressed on the SRRS. Significant predictors of depression scores included being single, being a member of an underrepresented minority group, having increased stress scores, and having a greater amount of time devoted to teaching. (C) under bar(o) under bar(n) under bar(c) under bar(l) under bar(u) under bar(s) under bar(i) under bar(o) under bar(n) under bar(s) under bar: Program directors and department chairs need to be aware of the prevalence of depression among faculty, since it may affect their performance of patient care and teaching responsibilities.


stress; General & Internal Medicine; physicians; predictors; Mental Health; care; quality; Job satisfaction; general-practitioners




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