Face covering adherence in an outpatient ophthalmology clinic during COVID-19.


Face covering adherence in an outpatient ophthalmology clinic during COVID-19.


Parikh Ankur; Kondapalli S


Ophthalmic Epidemiology




Purpose: The purpose of this report is to examine the proper use of face coverings by patients entering one of several outpatient ophthalmology clinics during the coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) global pandemic. Methods: Proper face-covering use was documented for all patients entering thirteen different outpatient ophthalmology clinics in Western Pennsylvania in July 2020. Gender and age of all patients were collected. Patients who were not wearing or improperly wearing a face covering were provided one with instructions on proper use. Results: Over 5 days, 43 of 2286 patients (2%) that entered one of the participating clinics were observed not or incorrectly wearing face coverings. The average age of patients who were not correctly wearing a face covering was significantly higher. There was no association between gender and face-covering use. Conclusion: As case counts continue to rise, effective use of face coverings in healthcare settings remains essential. The high percentage of adherence presented in this report is reassuring. However, the elderly, a high-risk population, may require additional, targeted educational measures to increase face-covering adherence.


COVID-19; face covering; high-risk population; ophthalmology clinic


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