Gastroschisis: an 18-year review.


Gastroschisis: an 18-year review.


Novotny D A; Klein R L; Boeckman C R


Journal of pediatric surgery




From 1972 to 1990, 69 cases of gastroschisis were treated at Akron Children's Hospital Medical Center. Eighty-one percent of these patients underwent primary closure of their abdominal wall defect. Thirteen of 69 patients (19%) required Silastic silos with final closure in an average of 7.8 days. There was no sex predilection, the average birth weight was 2,473 g, and the mean gestational age was 36.3 weeks. Twenty-six percent had associated anomalies, the majority were intestinal atresia, volvulus, and/or undescended testicles. Seventy-seven percent of the infants were delivered vaginally. Fourteen children were delivered via cesarean section. Seven cesarean sections were done solely for prenatal ultrasonic identification of an abdominal wall defect. There was no improvement in hospital stay, complications, days until enteral feeds were tolerated, days intubated, or number of surgical procedures in this group. In 14 patients, mesh sheeting (Marlex, Silastic) was used in the final closure. Sixty-four percent of these incurred wound breakdown necessitating removal of the mesh. This compares with a 3.2% wound breakdown in the nonmesh group. The average hospital stay was 43.9 days and the average time to enteral feeds 20.2 days. Sixty-four percent of the patients required postoperative intubation for an average of 5.5 days. The overall mortality rate was 4.3%. The present data do not support gastroschisis alone as an indication for cesarean section. The data indicate that mesh be avoided in the final closure if possible and support a favorable prognosis for most babies.


Abdominal Muscles/*abnormalities/surgery; Abnormalities; Cesarean Section; Congenital Abnormalities/surgery; Female; Humans; Infant; Male; Methods; Multiple; Newborn; Postoperative Complications; Retrospective Studies


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